The new single tea maker


The new single tea maker is designed to fulfill the need of single tea for adapting working life.
While time begin to be more important gradually, living single has been becoming popular Self-K
is designed according to this fast working life.
Thanks to ergonomic structure, iy may be held easily. Also, safety cover provides
being portable. Via rubber covering is safety to hold. 
Aysu Çelebi

Aysu Çelebi



Aysu Çelebi is a designer, was born in İstanbul/Turkey. She received her bachelor degree with full scholarship from Izmir University of Economics, Industrial Design Department in 2015. In addition, she has got minor program degree in Theory of Economics.She made a semester as an exchange student in the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana, Interior Design Department in 2014 and she worked at Caploonba and Calt Design Office. In 2016, she worked as an interior designer for yacht company in Antalya..